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Boxed Wood Shelving

Boxed Wood Shelving


This Boxed Wood Shelf is handmade in rural Pennsylvania with reclaimed metal. The pattern is drawn on the metal with soapstone, cut with a hand-held plasma cutter, hand-shaped and arc welded together.

Each piece will have its own subtle differences; they are cut, hammered, and built by hand.

Each Gatski is a blend of imperfect materials and capable hands.

This can easily be hung with a nail or screw.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If outdoors, you can maintain a shiny look (optional) by applying a clear, metal enamel, available in a spray can at your local hardware store.

The weathered steel has its own imperfections. No two pieces of metal will wear alike.

This piece features a reclaimed barn wood top that is in its primitive state. Minimal finishing to the wood to preserve its natural, aged character.

24″h x 23″w x 6.5″d

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