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All Craft Real Income

All Craft Real Income
March 9, 2012 MePush Web Team


I believe that being a crafter is an achievement.

People who “make things” every day overcome great challenges to craft useful things and works of art.

In my mind – that is enough.

Unfortunately, it’s not. If you want to create things day after day and make a real living from your work you need something more. You need income.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Ben and I started our crafts business. It’s been full time all the way- no outside income.  We started off with traditional methods like retail craft shows, mailing lists and consignment. Our enthusiasm led us to wholesale and eventually online sales and social media. We have combined old & new ways to build a successful crafts business.

I wanted to tell you about my exciting new project, “All Craft Real Income.” Sign Up Here Please.

I am tired of meeting crazy talented craftspeople who are struggling to make a living.  I figured it was time I shared our little secret; our recipe to make craft pay.

Please do Sign Up.

Using your hands to create something beautiful is a triumph.  You deserve the reward of a good life from it.

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