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Our Story

Our pieces have a story, and we hope they’ll become a part of yours.

We are Ben and Kate Gatski, self-taught artists who love using simple tools to make handmade, authentic pieces of art. We live and work on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania. There, we handcraft sculpture and furniture with reclaimed materials (weathered steel and barn wood) and raise our three children. We established Gatski Metal in 2003.

We see beauty and inspiration in our surrounding landscape, our rural lifestyle, and the reclaimed. And we want to share that with you.

Our home and shop sit at the top of a hill, overlooking forest and fields. We often find ourselves creating pieces based on what we see (or can imagine) before us. Our raw material comes from scrap yards and other assorted junk piles.

We believe in the power of good stories, good craftsmanship, and good customer service.

Ben is a welder and artist, and Kate is a designer and entrepreneur. We believe in bringing you (our customers) pieces that make you happy and that you can enjoy forever. And we delight in collaborating with you to create pieces that fit perfectly into your home.

Each Gatski piece is built to last — so it can be a part of your story for a long time to come.