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Peacekeeper Cabinet

Peacekeeper Cabinet


A quirky and pleasing combination of movement and shape make this narrow metal cabinet piece truly one-of-a-kind. It’s art furniture that makes it’s mark. You can captivate your guests by placing this in your entryway or defining your dining room with this modern, steel piece. Place your treasured art pieces atop it’s smooth top, and keep seasonal pieces on the shelves below. Or, enjoy it as a cocktail cabinet for your cherished beverages.

This statement piece is handmade in rural Pennsylvania. The pattern is drawn on the metal with soapstone, cut with a hand-held plasma cutter, hand-shaped and arc welded together. Each piece will have its own subtle differences; they are cut, hammered, and built by hand. It is handmade with reclaimed metal with the exception of the top which is a new piece of 11 gauge steel.

The color is hand-painted with milk paint, giving the piece a naturally uneven and textured finish.  A clear finish is applied to the entire piece. Each Gatski is a blend of imperfect materials and capable hands.

Size:  36″h x 47″w x 14″d

Care:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


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