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The Making of a Tractor Hood Table

The Making of a Tractor Hood Table
April 27, 2010 MePush Web Team

Hi Friends! What’s making you happy today? I’m happy that our little world is green and luscious! It’s the simple things I’m enjoying now-  after having stretched my brain to accomplish one of my goals.

I had a little goal to write a story for Etsy’s blog, The Storque. It happened. What a fun endeavor. The original story was written about the, “making of a tractor hood table.” I took over 400 photos [I am not a photographer] to come up with what you see below. I tweaked the story a bit [to make it more appealing to a wider audience]- but I thought I would share with you the original snapshots.

  1. a tractor hood from Allis Chalmers 180
  2. measuring hood to determine height of table
  3. the metal is dirty, dented, faded and worn from youth & employees behind the wheel of the tractor
  4. the recycled pipe that supports the top of the table is cut with a hacksaw
  5. the tractor hood is cut to size with a plasma cutter
  6. a piece of flat sheet steel is welded to the bottom
  7. smoke pours out of the hole where the radiator would have been
  8. a piece of new American made 10 guage steel was welded to form the top and the edges are ground smooth with a hand held grinder
  9. the final step is to weld the bottom and the top of the table together

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  1. Barry Smith 14 years ago

    Saw you table on Hammwermark’s blog and followed link. Love what you did with the tractor hood-table . Also looks like you are doing great stuff on your block. Go well with the cows, pigs, kids and wrirting. B

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