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Crop Time & Going With the Flow

Crop Time & Going With the Flow
May 19, 2010 MePush Web Team

It’s May.  There is a fervor around the countryside- fields are plowed, harrowed, seeded; rounds are made checking on hay crops. It’s the time of year to, “Go- full throttle.” The longest day of the year is nearing. You’re thinking if I’m going to do it, I’d better do it now.

The other side of this energy that spins thru our May days- is feeling overwhelmed. It’s easy to get stuck.  I’ve been a little stuck- not so inspired. I’m going to tell myself that its not the time of year to get inspired. It’s go time.  There are times to sit and ponder [the deep of January], times to dream and savor [cool october days] and times to get busy [May? perhaps].

I’m a big fan of, “going with it.” Go with what feels right. Now is the time of year to hold steady and keep up. At least thats what I’m telling myself. Right now- we’re overbooked with orders for Gatski Metal sculptures [hip hip hooray]. We’re enjoying extended visits from New Zealand family and last and definitely least- fighting off spring colds.

I’m now officially unstuck- thanks to writing this for Scoutie Girl’s We Scout Wednesday.

There are some fantastic photos on early 1900’s farming by the Library of Congress. That’s where the above photo came from.

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