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The Fair

The Fair
August 18, 2010 MePush Web Team

Do you have any fair traditions? What do you make a beeline for?

We enjoy one or two small country fairs each year. They  feel timeless- it could be 1972, 1998 or by golly 2010. There is something peaceful about something that never seems to change.

The down home goodness of these fairs is so endearing.

I can’t get away without mentioning the food. It may not be wholesome or organic- but it is scrumptious. What is your favorite fair food?

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  1. Wendy Edsall-Kerwin 14 years ago

    FUNNEL CAKE!!! My husband asked me yesterday, “what if there isn’t any funnel cake at the Etown fair?” I said there would be a riot :^) It’s my #1 indulgence during fair season. And sausage sandwiches. And milkshakes.

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