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Posts tagged with ‘sustainable living’

  • Mar152012

    Joy, Trouble & Chocolate

    Meet our Jersey Girl, Chocolate. She is a descendant of Ben’s original milking herd. He bought a herd of dairy…

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  • Feb022012

    garden dreams

    Happy February! Each day brings a little more light to our days.  Even the smallest steps can bring monumental optimism.…

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  • Jan272012

    Your Creative Life

    I only made one goal this New Years. It is “be more useful to you.” After nearly 10 years carving…

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  • Jan122012

    Kate’s Kitchen – Simplicity and a Recipe for Carrot Cupcakes

    It’s January. It’s a fabulous time of year to play in the kitchen! My kitchen was having a field day…

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  • Jan022012

    Happy New Year! 2011 Highlights + One Goal

    Happy New Year to You! Here are some highlights from 2011 – some more momentous than others (#1 trumps all…

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  • Nov062011

    Farmer & Maker

    I know you are quite busy- so here’s a little update… our blog has a new name “farmer & maker.”…

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  • Sep022010

    Gatski Metal Featured on Keystone Edge

    It’s a good day. We’re featured on Keystone Edge! Thank you so much!

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  • Aug182010

    The Fair

    Do you have any fair traditions? What do you make a beeline for? We enjoy one or two small country…

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  • Jun212010

    Art & Agriculture- Victory Garden of Tomorrow & Claudia Pearson

    Life’s little pauses are beautiful.  Sometimes, they catch us by surprise. One caught me by surprise for the month of…

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  • Apr192010

    Earth Day & “Our Place”

    The beautiful thing about Earth Day is, there is something for everyone. Even if it’s the small things like, “Gee,…

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