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Your Creative Life

Your Creative Life
January 27, 2012 MePush Web Team

I only made one goal this New Years. It is “be more useful to you.” After nearly 10 years carving out a full-time business selling metal sculptures– I do believe we’ve collected a few tricks in our bag.  Tricks or tools? Either way, they’re things we can’t live without. You might not be clamoring to live 1/2 mile off the road in the middle of rural Pennsylvania- but perhaps you want to add a little more grit to your everyday. Whether it’s building a creative business, getting a little dirtier on the weekends or tasting something so fantastically fresh it’s about to get up and walk away- we have some ideas.

We have nurtured a creative and independent life – and it is flourishing. There is pure joy in something you’ve created yourself. But, you know that already – you’ve felt the sublime satisfaction of mixing up a cocktail on Friday night or whipping up a batch of pancakes on Saturday morning. It’s not complicated.

What is complicated is taking that leap of faith to do something a little bigger than making your own mixed drink. The  “hey, why don’t we dig up half our backyard and grow our own vegetables.” Or, the “hey, I’m going to quit my job and make kites for a living.”

Here’s the happy news. You don’t have to start with a leap… just a small step in the direction you’re going. While we did start our full time business with a leap  [and the interweb is chock full of people encouraging you do that] – I’m actually a fan of the small steps. It is the small steps that have kept us going for nearly 10 years.

This is my first tip…. take one small step towards your own independent and creative life.  Do it old school. Go to the library and get a book about it, gather materials from your house and talk to someone in person about it.  Whatever it may be – cooking, crafting, growing, building – focus on doing one thing. Take one small step for now.

About seventeen years ago – Ben picked up the scrap metal lying around his parents farm and set to work with the welder. One small step.

What are your creative dreams?

Comments (3)

  1. Laura W. 12 years ago

    Kate, if I told you I had a very prophetic and symbolic dream on this very theme on 1/23 would you believe me? Of course you would!

    Beautiful and uber-timely post.
    Maury sends his Moose love.

  2. kate 12 years ago

    Thank you Laura! You’re right. I definitely believe you. 🙂 How glorious. Love it!

  3. Vanessa 12 years ago

    Just stumbled upon your website through Etsy! This is SO appropriate for me right now! I just opened my Etsy shop this week. Although it feels like a small step for me, it’s also a very big step and one that took many years to take. As my friend said to me this morning: my seed has broken ground.
    Thank you for your lovely post and the lovely work you have been doing.

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