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A Creative Kickstart

A Creative Kickstart
January 17, 2017 Kate Gatski

We have a secret.

No, we’re not polka dancers, but good guess.

Ready? Here it is: Making your Gatski is a lot easier when we know you. Don’t worry – we don’t need your weekly calendar, family tree, or FitBit report. But a few simple details can really help us create your piece; a bit about where you are, what you enjoy doing, and who you spend time with.

That might make perfect sense to you, as it does to me. But it only recently occurred to me (who knows where I’ve been?!), so it feels significant to me.

Over the holidays, we made a few pieces that came together easily (that’s not always the case). All of these pieces were gifts, and we knew a bit about the recipients because, well, they’re family.

We created a message board of sorts for Ben’s sister (you can see it on Instagram here). She has four children who are involved in various activities, and we thought this might help her remember important details in their day-to-day life. We also created a custom bottle topper for our brother-in-law, along with a metal tray for mixing and serving drinks; we know he enjoys socializing with friends. You might see a rendition of both pieces soon; we were very happy with how they turned out.

Since these pieces came together rather handily, it got me thinking. Some of you share bits and pieces with us about your pastimes, your spouse, and your friends. Or you might mention where you’ll be putting your Gatski, whether this is your home office or second home vacation spot (imagining your home is something I’ve written about before; you can read more here). We consider these insights as we’re making your piece, and sometimes they have a real impact on our designs.

So now that the secret’s out (for both of us, ha!), we invite you to share anecdotes about your home and life in your correspondence with us. We will enjoy reading them, and it will help us create pieces that are a perfect fit for you.

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In this month’s newsletter, we’ll share another secret: how we make room for all our new work! We’ll also share the new 2017 Gatski of the Month series, as well as a hint about an upcoming sale.

And if you’re interested in sharing your stories with us (we’d love to hear!), email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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