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garden dreams

garden dreams
February 2, 2012 MePush Web Team

Happy February! Each day brings a little more light to our days.  Even the smallest steps can bring monumental optimism. Just imagine the garden our minds grow in February!

Are you planning a garden this year? I am coming to realize that even something as small as a little potted plant on the stoop can bring much satisfaction. In reality- a garden is what you make it. Although, my mother is an accomplished gardener- my garden does not have that je ne sais quoi.  That’s putting it nicely. Honestly, in August you might think it’s where the cows graze. Despite it’s appearance – it provides. Thru the winter, we usually have something from the garden to eat.

My favorite place to shop for garden seeds is Fedco. Their selection is fabulous and their descriptions provide great fodder for garden dreams.

What will you be putting in dirt this year?

Ben is actually responsible for some of our finer garden moments.

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