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Little Gatski Update

Little Gatski Update
October 5, 2022 Kate Gatski

Hi Dear friends!

I hope this note finds you well! We are thankful for this fall season! It gives us a little more time to share with you! This summer we found ourselves in days that moved quickly. My days were often framed by children’s activities; there was theater, tennis, golf, mountain biking, trumpet lessons, and part-time jobs. All requiring some transportation! Those long days of yore on our hill have notably become short days on our rural roads. But alas, there are new joys in the midst of the change!

Our summer was dotted with a few more distant explorations, as we traveled to New England for college visits! Our son has opted to skip his junior year in high school, and is now a senior! This means that college planning is expedited. Whew! We enjoyed a beautiful road trip through northwestern Massachusetts, into Vermont and New Hampshire, up to Maine and back down again! Such incredible scenery!

Speaking of trips, we enjoyed our wonderful, annual trip to Ocean City with mom. There is nothing quite like a stroll by the ocean! That June pilgrimage is a tonic, and always feels like the official start to the summer season!

Our daughters have been exploring new territory. One showed a calf at the local fair for the first time. Snaggle (the calf) and her did a great job, together they earned a few ribbons!  And our older daughter experienced her first mountain bike race – allbeit in the crazy mud that broke the bike, so she had to walk it to the finish! Yikes!

All this to say, we’re in a busy season that is full and rich of experiences! You can be sure though, Ben and I are finding plenty of chances for talking. While much of the talking has been more logistics and less creative, that is changing. We are moving into a slower season, which will bring creative time! In fact, we do have some new pieces in the works! I am really looking forward to sharing new Gatskis with you, it does feel like has been awhile! I’ll be back soon! Thanks for being here!


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