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Happy New Year! 2011 Highlights + One Goal

Happy New Year! 2011 Highlights + One Goal
January 2, 2012 MePush Web Team

Happy New Year to You! Here are some highlights from 2011 – some more momentous than others (#1 trumps all others for sure).

  1. the birth of our new baby daughter Evelyn in May.  She joins our other two little delights (oldest started Kindergarten and second started preschool this year)
  2. creating a new  Gatski Metal website
  3. taping our first ever video from Gatski Metal
  4. receiving a phone call from Lifetime TV to participate in their “Project Runway” for furniture makers (it’s not looking good for this shot at fame – we’re holding out for something “a little more better“)
  5. selling two Ford tables to the Ford offices in Michigan.  Ben’s great grandfather Bruno was recruited from Capistrano, Italy to work for Ford – so this had some very special meaning for us.

There is always a flurry of action up here on the hill.  In between the regular stuff, we try to carve out some time for some “fun.” Ben enjoys raising livestock and butchering. We took a little time off between Christmas and New Years and…. Ben made some scrapple. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition made with meat from the pork bones, flour, cornmeal, buckwheat flour and some salt and pepper.

This is the kettle of the meat boiling off the bones – this is the first step in making scrapple.

This is Ben chopping wood to keep the fire going.

and… the scrapple is delish! No doubt about it.

We’re looking forward to another fabulous year for Gatski Metal. One of my goals is to be more useful to you. I want to give you some ideas and inspiration from our independent and creative life. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions. I love hearing your thoughts. Until next time….

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