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Earth Day & “Our Place”

Earth Day & “Our Place”
April 19, 2010 MePush Web Team

The beautiful thing about Earth Day is, there is something for everyone. Even if it’s the small things like, “Gee, I recycle.” Or, something more momentous like “I just bought a hybrid.”  Sure, there’s plenty of work to do [but isn’t that always the case?] It’s a holiday- let’s feel good.

My contemplations of Earth Day and all things “green” always relate to “a place.” Where did it come from?  Who made it? What was used to make it?  There is so much beauty in knowing where things came from and who made them.

To that end, we’re occasionally going to share pics of “our place.” Our place is a rural hill-top in Pennsylvania. At the top is our house [we built in 4 stages] in recently logged woods and adjacent to the Gatski family farm. You get to the top by traveling a 1/2 mile long driveway. It is a peaceful place, with nearly no neighbors in sight. Aside from our creative pursuits – the animals [and a couple children] keep us well occupied. Also, nestled quietly here are Ben’s dream to milk more cows (and make cheese) and Kate’s dreams to write well about “food & place.” Happy Earth Day!

notes on pics:  that is an older photo of Ben & I [we bought a 1947 Plymouth at a local farm sale not long after meeting]- our humble home- the long driveway [and field roads- it’s amazing how far you can get around here without going on a public road], one of our Berkshire pigs and our new calf Racer.

Comments (3)

  1. Victoria 14 years ago

    In the small world department, I read your Storque article on Etsy with interest. We share the same love of organic farming….gardening in my case. And a big shared interest in a sustainable lifestyle. You guys are doing it! So glad to ‘meet’ fellow artisans like yourselves. And the BFBL is mutual.

    I left a note about a guy you may know in that thread, but am reposting it here. Shane LaBrake in MD- he’s a master at fixing old tractors, probably knows where a bunch of spare parts can be found. sjlabrake(at) verizon.net

    I worked with Maysie’s Farm in Glenmoore, on their sustainable farming internship program.

  2. Penny Patten 14 years ago

    Very nice pic’s, and a very nice looking farm. I live in Maine, but currently just have some chickens for live stock. I just don’t have the room where I live to have more. Some day I hope to again! I love cows and pigs! (and to raise what I eat)

  3. kate 14 years ago

    Thank you for your note Victoria. We really appreciate you passing along Shane’s contact info. I just sent you a convo via Etsy. Thanks again!

    Penny- that’s terrific that you have chickens. I have a fondness for Maine- it’s where I went to college. I enjoyed a peek at your blog. It looks great! Thanks for your comment.

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