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The Perfect Union of Freedom & Labor – Folk Art

The Perfect Union of Freedom & Labor – Folk Art
September 3, 2012 MePush Web Team

Happy Labor Day Friends! I hope this finds you enjoying the peace and freedom of a day off from your labors. While today should be a day of rest for you – I do believe that certain labors can be freeing. Folk Art is one.

Imagine hand stitching a quilt. Imagine hand stitching a quilt without being told how to do it. Imagine hand stitching a quilt without being told how to do it and trying to use only the materials that surround you. This is labor. A labor of love? Yes. A labor nonetheless.

Today I am taking a moment to celebrate Folk Art. It represents the perfect union of freedom and labor. As I wrote here, “A passion for Folk Art runs through my veins.”

I found these beautiful examples of Folk Art on Etsy. What would you add? I set up a pin board called Folk Art Gift Guide. I would love to add your finds. Please let me know what they are in the comments here.


Image above by Cart Before the Horse, Contemporary Folk Art.

Comments (2)

  1. Laura Winzeler 12 years ago

    Hi Kate!

    What fun this is. I’ll add two for you, in keeping with my color fetish. A favorite of my own:


    And this from another mosaic/mixed media artist in NC, also named Laura! I own three of her pieces in this same style and have to sit on my hands to not buy more:


  2. kate 12 years ago

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute. Love these pieces. They are both gorgeous. I added them to my pin board. I hope to keep my folk art gift guide growing. Thanks again! I hope you are have a restful weekend.

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