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Inspired is Done

Inspired is Done
February 5, 2012 MePush Web Team

I’ve always had a hearty love for “getting inspired.” I loved to seek out new ideas, soak them up – and then move on with a lighter step.  Is this process of “getting inspired” a thing of the past? Maybe it just ain’t rewarding anymore. As we are so saturated with brilliance that we’ve toughed up a bit? Perhaps it’s not as easy to get “blown away” by something simply because you scroll down and its neighbor is even more mind blowing?

I might be a little slow to catch on sometimes – but I do know that if “getting inspired” walked out the door – something new walked in.

Here’s what just sauntered on in… “getting it done.” We’re dually inspired. That took 10 seconds. Now, we’re moving on to “getting it done.” We’re building, singing, crafting, publishing. You name it. It’s getting done.

I like this.  I know, it does sounds little like a phrase you might see a lot at  the monster truck jamboree – let’s ignore that for now.

I’m all for getting it done. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of wrapping something up. Speaking of which, what are your creative dreams? Let’s get them done.

This awesome poster is by RedBishop. Check it out here.

This post was “inspired” in part the burgeoning interest in pinterest. If you’re so inclined, I would love to see you there.

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