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Sleigh Delivery Service

Sleigh Delivery Service
October 16, 2017 Kate Gatski

You know that hot air balloon delivery service I keep talking about? No? Well, I’ve been dreaming about it for a while. And I’ve decided it’ll be seasonal summer is the perfect time for a balloon ride.

And then for the fall, I’m thinking about a flying sleigh (who is Santa to have an exclusive on that one?!). I can see how perfectly it will work. We’ll tuck our pieces in the back, fire up the turbines (no Scandinavian creatures needed), and send our work flying off to you!

Why the renewed interest in a new, fabulous mode of transport? Here’s the truth: I want to ride along!

I want to go to Montana, where there’s been a burst of action (orders) lately. Have you been there? The landscape photographs I’ve seen are stunning.

We recently sent a small group of pieces to a store (opening soon in Bozeman) called Indikoi, which promises to be a delightful destination. We also created a custom bench for a very loyal Montana customer, who has a collection of Gatskis. From what I hear, this bench is going to have an incredible view!

After Montana, I might glide on out to California. There I would deliver an enormous chicken weathervane (soon to be finished) and, more importantly, meet the lovely couple who inspired this piece and have been so incredibly supportive over the years. I’m certain I would have a lot of fun at this stop!

And then, since I’m out and about, why not dip down into Colorado on my way back across the country? There I could drop off a few tables that are being finished as I write, requested by a dear customer who has been following our work for some time. I would thoroughly enjoy learning more about her and her interest in handmade art. What a treat that would be!

Sadly, Santa does have a firm hold on his mode of transport. And I’ve heard that hot air balloons can be a tad unpredictable. So it looks like I won’t be swooping down with your delivery any time soon (don’t put the kettle on).

But I fully plan on continuing to imagine what it would be like to personally deliver your Gatski, see your places, and meet you! And that will just have to do. Unless, of course, I could get my hands on a Jetson pod car. Hmm…

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