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Love for …

Love for …
February 14, 2012 MePush Web Team

It’s all about love. Love for people, love for places, love for animals, love for art, love for craft. What’s your favorite thing to love?

I love making each day into whatever I want it to be.

Sure, there are limits. There’s routines to order the day- things that must be done. However, at the end of each day it’s up to me. It’s up to me to design each day. I love this.

oh… and if I did a bad job designing my day I can always eat something yummy.  Daisychestnut says it best, “Food Is Love.”

Food is Love Valentines Day Card by daisychestnut on Etsy

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  1. Sandy 12 years ago

    I am going to miss you guys this weekend! good luck with sales!!!!!

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