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Tips from the Creative Life- Guts & Guffaw

Tips from the Creative Life- Guts & Guffaw
February 22, 2012 MePush Web Team

As we mentioned in our latest e-newsletter (sign up here) we’re bringing you tips and ideas from our creative life! This is a little experiment- thanks for being here!

1. Know it’s Possible. This is the beginning of all creative pursuits; the blind faith that your project will work out.  It came naturally in our younger years (youth =blind faith). We are able to maintain it, thanks to our creative inheritance. If the idea of living a creative life wasn’t passed along to you – cultivate it. Take mini steps. Take one small step towards your independent and creative life. Whether or not it worked as planned; you will have learned something.  You will know it’s possible.

2. Laugh About It. The creative life should be funny. We’re not great at this; we’re serious. Even in the midst of putting together a list that reads, “make new moose head, tractor hood table and chicken coop sign” our minds are intense with the work before us.

Being lighthearted goes hand in hand with being confident. We’ve always known a creative life was possible – but we haven’t always been confident in it. If you can move forward with confidence, you can laugh at the results. Whether you’re laughing in joy or at the insanity of it all- you’re going to laugh, and that’s really healthy. I’m going to work on this one.

It really doesn’t matter what size your creative project is – whether it’s trying out a new recipe or learning the blacksmithing trade – you’re going to need some guts & guffaw!

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