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Tell Your Everyday Story, Or not?

Tell Your Everyday Story, Or not?
July 10, 2012 MePush Web Team

I do believe there is great power in your everyday. Learn how to unearth it with a simple exercise in  Tell Your Everyday Story [an article I wrote for the Etsy blog].

This article I wrote was met with some criticism. This inspired a response piece by textile artist Wai-Yuk called, “What Does Trivial Mean.”

The gist of these criticisms is that Kate is encouraging makers to clog up the web with ever more pieces of trivia.

What do you think? Do you believe there is value in sharing your everyday?





Comments (2)

  1. Wai-Yuk Kennedy 12 years ago

    We have had a lot of discussion on this subject in my family since I wrote that post. We have also been looking at all sorts of blogs with a different and maybe more critical eye.
    Our conclusion is that your critics do not have a leg to stand on. At least in the sense that you can find just as many shallow or dull posts based on supposedly grand subjects as you can in those based on the domestic and the everyday. In truth, the subject a writer draws inspiration from is not the determinant for the quality of the finished piece. All that matters is that the inspiration is genuine.
    Even so, there seem to be some makers posting on their blogs without asking themselves the crucial question – “would I really want to read this?”
    Maybe the problem lies in their attitude to blogging itself. Makers tend to start their blogs in order to promote themselves and their craftwork but if this promotion is to be valuable and ongoing then producing blog itself has to become part of their creative output and not just part of some sales effort.

  2. Kate 12 years ago

    Thank You Wai-Yuk. Yes. I agree. It is very easy to slip into using a blog to promote oneself- rather than invest the time to make it useful. I think that is also a great question to ask, “would I really want to read this?” That really is the essence of it. Although, I do believe that is important to keep it simple – even if it means sacrificing substance -because it has to be something you want to do. If you want to do it, and keep at it… it will get better with time. You will realize that you need to connect and be of value to others. It is a process. Creative people have so much to manage as it is – I believe that simplicity is the answer so many times. And, simplicity can always be improved on. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to comment here Wai-Yuk. I am very grateful for this conversation you initiated.

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