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Avoiding the Tree

Avoiding the Tree
March 5, 2016 Kate Gatski

You know when you’re flying down a hill on your toboggan and you have to lean really hard to avoid hitting a tree, cornstalk, or whatnot? Then you right yourself and regain your point of balance only to do it all over again when the next obstacle arises? We’ve been doing that lately – well, not so much the sledding part, but definitely the balancing.

Last month we were really leaning into our creativity while creating a new collection of pieces. This month we’re balancing things out with a few less imaginative projects, such as a metal railing for a local church and the repair of a flatbed tractor trailer. The railing was for a local church and had a simple goal: keep children from falling into the stairwell. We took care of that! The tractor trailer bed was rusted in many places, and simply needed to be rebuilt. That’s happening at this very moment (as I write this, that is)!

While some types of balance can be very difficult and even elusive, some can be crystal clear. It was obvious after our recent visit to the city that we needed to get back to our point of balance – home.

Sometimes we lean hard one way, then the opposite way; sometimes we stay the course; and sometimes we simply head home. But above all, we try to avoid the tree.


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