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March 14, 2017 Kate Gatski

I wasn’t totally honest with you. Last month I made our pre-show routine sound like a carnival; a rumba down the lane! Well, it kinda is – but it’s also kinda not. I left out some of the story…the worries. Because, well, who wants to hear about that?

But I have good news: Many of our worries vanished. Poof! Gone into the warm air.

Yes, you read that right! Warm air. We had a heat wave in February and it eased our minds tremendously. There was no need to obsessively check the weather (for blizzards and ice storms), no need to make a last-minute trip to the ash pile (to make the driveway passable), no need to stack firewood to the heavens. We were blessed with a solid week of temperatures dancing around 60 and 70 degrees! Yes, it was a little peculiar, but we appreciated it as it was.

Ok, enough about the weather. “So, how was the show?” you might ask. And, I would say, “It went well!”

It is always an honor to be part of the-high quality fine American craft at the show (I especially loved the work of our neighbors across the way, they are here and here). And it’s wonderful to see buyers who’ve been supporting our work for many years now (like Humanarts and Laughing Dog). And it’s great to get feedback and ideas from curators (like those at Artful Home)!

All in all, our rumba turned out quite nicely.

And…did I mention the weather?

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