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Cha Cha Cha!

Cha Cha Cha!
February 14, 2017 Kate Gatski

I just realized this year that we follow the same routine each January and February as we create new work and get ready for an annual wholesale show. Sometimes routines can make me feel predictable and dull – so to balance it all out, we’re going to add a little cha cha cha!

So I now present to you a sequence of dance steps I’m calling…The Gatski Rumba!

  1. Step to the left (We need new work!)
  2. Spin around three times (Design the new work!)
  3. Spin the opposite way two times (Make the new work!)
  4. Sit down (Photo shoot of the new work!)
  5. Leap across the room (Layout the new catalog with the new work!)
  6. Shuffle left then right and take a bow (Take all work to show!)

Ok, jokes about being out of shape aside (this is a workout!), it’s been several years now that I have been recording our stories to share with you each month, and I’m starting to see how we tend to follow the same steps.

While that sometimes can seem mundane, I’m starting to see that it actually frees us up in a way. Knowing what steps we will take each time allows us to put our minds toward excitement in other places – like making a Good Time collection.

This is the name we loosely gave our new collection of work, which includes some fun bottle toppers, a cabinet (that would work well as a liquor cabinet), a Whale (as in “a whale of a good time!”), and – of course – a Good Time sign!

These pieces, along with some of our old favorites, can be seen in our new 2017 catalog. That’s right – we just finished step 5 of The Gatski Rumba! You can view our catalog here.

We will complete our dance steps on on February 22 and 23 at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. We do only the wholesale portion, so unfortunately only buyers for retail stores can attend. We sure wish we could meet all of you there – but instead, we’ll be sure to share photos of our performance (I mean, booth) on Instagram and Facebook! Hope to see you there.

Until then…cha cha cha!

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  1. sj 7 years ago

    Gatski Musings should be your additional business. Your talents amaze and delight!!!

    • Author
      Kate Gatski 7 years ago

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate your kind words and all YOUR support!!! Thank You!

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