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Farmer & Maker

Farmer & Maker
November 6, 2011 MePush Web Team

I know you are quite busy- so here’s a little update… our blog has a new name “farmer & maker.” This name perfectly reflects who we are, have always been and hope to be someday. Simply said, we love to make things – and we love to grow things (food, cows, business ideas, kids).

In some ways this is our inheritance- the fortune to live out our passions. We have been provided with the skills, confidence and support to pursue “crazy” ideas like making sculpture with junk metal.  And, yes… we happen to have more crazy ideas – like writing a book, growing our dairy herd and making cheese on our hilltop.

We had a little idea about 9 years ago, it’s summarized like this… Gatski Co. –  Art, Food & Experience. The making of metal sculptures and metal tables is just the beginning. The rest is slowly unfolding – but will most likely involve cows and food. Each week we are taking a few minutes to plan; it is extraordinarily exciting!

We hope you will join us as we mosey along –  a comment, a thought, a contact. With that said… here’s a Hearty Welcome to farmer & maker! We’re looking forward to meeting you here.

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