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Supporting the American Folk Art Museum

Supporting the American Folk Art Museum
August 12, 2010 MePush Web Team

The American Folk Art Museum forged the beginning of us – as Gatski Metal. In their tiny gift shop they have sold an incredible (to us) amount of Gatski fish (among many other pieces). We gained the footing and confidence to continue our artistic pursuits through their support of our work. We are very grateful.

I gathered today that the Museum could use some support & love. I do understand that there is no shortage of critical causes in the world. I will, however, mention that folk art is a phenomenal representation of ordinary lives. It is humble and beautiful.

As the daughter of antiques dealer and rag rug weaver, a passion for folk art runs through my veins. This coupled with our blessed experience with the American Folk Art Museum means… we can hear it loud and clear when they come calling.

They’ve announced the Laura & Richard Parsons Challenge Grant– your contribution to the museum will be matched dollar for dollar if received by September 15th.

We are donating 10% of all our sales here and in our Etsy Shop

to the American Folk Art Museum, until September 15th.

Image from the American Folk Art Museum The Residence of David Twining by Edward Hicks 1846.

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