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Behind the Scenes of the Gatski Team

Behind the Scenes of the Gatski Team
December 1, 2015 Kate Gatski

There’s nothing like someone jumping right in to help when you’ve got your mind on getting to the doctor, lowering fevers, and remembering to pick up cough drops. So while November was a bit of a blur for us, we’re catching up with a little thankfulness now.

Ben and I are very grateful for the people that help us get the job done. In the shop, Aaron keeps welding while Ben is otherwise dispatched. His consistent efforts are what help get our pieces out in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you, Aaron!

This newsletter is shaped and edited every month by Erica. And she’s also a great encouragement — there have been times when I simply wouldn’t have gotten the newsletter out without her. Thank you, Erica!

Megan has shot many of our photos and most of our videos. She has a fantastic eye. While she’s occupied by college at the moment, she is ready to help whenever we ask. Thank you, Megan!

Any reasonable endeavor is a bit of a juggling act, isn’t it? It’s comforting to have a few extra hands to help. We’re very thankful for those we have.

Who (or what) are you grateful for this holiday season? We’d love to hear!

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