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Gatski Couture

Gatski Couture
May 31, 2018 Kate Gatski

There were four bear, two giraffe, three raven, eight sheep, and seven bison.

No, not on the ark…in a small shop on a hill.

That list represents the quantities of each animal we created last year. It probably comes as no surprise that our volume is low. We don’t ever expect to make many multiples of anything. So needless to say, it has been somewhat astonishing (if you speak emoji, think the one with circle mouth and eyes) to create five or six console tables lately.

Of course, we’re not complaining. We thank you for inviting Gatskis into your homes!

But it is unusual. And I started to think recently that this make less, not more style of craftsmanship brings to mind…the fashion houses of the world!

Stay with me. I was listening to a podcast called When Meghan Met Harry (whilst washing dishes), and there was some discussion about the wedding dress designer for the royal event, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So I began thinking about specialty fashion designers. I gather that they create incredibly unique and original pieces of wearable art in limited quantities. Something about that rings familiar, right? (Though perhaps not the wearable part…)

In my mind, the distance from the garment district to Gatski mountain isn’t too far, at least as the crow flies. Perhaps we could take a cue from the fashion world! We could describe our work as a capsule collection. Or deem ourselves the haute couture of the metal world. Is that a stitch too far? Probably yes! But did I enjoy thinking about our work that way? You bet.

For a recent custom project, Ben engraved over a thousand very small stars in metal. While it’s really not that notable, and felt perfectly achievable it also felt out of the ordinary. A repeat of the same project is not really that common up here. Perhaps we should consult with the seamstresses at the House of Lesage (creating elegant embroidery since 1924, I looked it up) I have a feeling they might have a pointer or two!

Did you watch the royal wedding? What did you think?

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