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In the Workshop

In the Workshop
January 30, 2020 Kate Gatski

Given that it’s January, we Gatskis are probably mug in hand, feet propped up on a metal table, watching the flames flicker in the wood stove. 

Well…maybe. That has been known to happen. 

But right now, believe it or not, we’re making sparks fly – not just watching them.

This January has been brightened up by a fun project for two dear customers. They have a delightful theme of flowers, monarchs, and chickens throughout their home and garden – many of which are Gatski originals (including a chicken mailbox!). Their most recent request was for a special metal garland as well as some sculptural chickens for above their kitchen sink. We are so thankful they’re willing to work with us to create their imaginative projects! 

And if it’s not sparks, it’s a pencil flying across our sketchbook. Ben has been creating some fun sketches for a loyal customer who requested a sculptural desk design. They wanted a functional piece but also something that would look compelling in their living room. We’re looking forward to seeing how this design emerges! (I’ll keep you posted.)

Our sketchbook is also filling up with new work possibilities, from mountain lions to martinis. Anything fun, quirky, life-giving, or of nature is up for discussion. At the moment of writing, we’re rolling along on a theme I’m calling “Looking Up.” I’m already excited to share the pieces in this series with you! 

We always refer back to our customer list of ideas in the midst of these new work discussions. So if you have any ideas for pieces you would like to see us make, please send them our way. Even if we don’t get to them in this round of new work, you can be sure we will review and consider them on a regular basis as part of our new work process.

Until next time, put your feet up and enjoy the season – we might just sneak in a bit of that, too! 

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