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thrill is in the air (and a lot of fungi)

thrill is in the air (and a lot of fungi)
September 28, 2011 MePush Web Team

greetings friends!

It’s a bit soggy up here on the hill. The rain keeps gushing down from the sky. Besides a driveway that would rather be a creek- we’re doing well. Our neighbors in Bloomsburg are still cleaning up after a devastating flood. It is overwhelming to witness the power of nature. Some houses in town look like they were nearly swept away. Unbelievable.

In addition to the abundance of mold, fungi and mushrooms around us-  our creative energy is exploding. We have a renewed sense of purpose. It must be the fall weather. Ben is plowing thru orders; balancing our regular work and making some awesome new tables.

I am beginning an exciting writing project. I rarely talk about things before I’ve done them- but I’m doing it now.  I need it here in black and white. I am beginning a self-initiated writing project; a book. I will be celebrating the passage of farming into creativity. More details coming. I’m working on my outline right now; I’ll share it here. Feel free to pass along your 10 cents.

The grass is greener than ever- thanks to all this rain. The cows are happy- chomping away. Last Sunday was a gorgeous foggy morning.

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