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all in a day

all in a day
October 3, 2011 MePush Web Team

today [all in a Monday]

milk cows (Ben)

get children up & ready

prep for office assistant (Kate)

shoot cow & cut up (Ben)

make jewelry box, necklace & spy scope (Kate & Hazel)

eat leftover Chinese

cut up old barn wood for moose antlers (Ben)

finish welding deer heads (Ben)

read & ponder The Creative Class (Kate)

follow up on late invoices, file sales tax, call bank (Kate)

take photos of new tables (kate – see below)

make stew

think about blogging & general worthiness of my blogging efforts

wrote this

it’s 4:26 pm

even if you didn’t happen to shoot and cut up a cow* in the middle of your Monday – isn’t amazing what you can do in a day?

there was some laundry, cleaning and a bunch of changed diapers in there too.

here’s to coming clean on what’s all in a Gatski day!

*Ben’s great grandfather was a butcher – there is instinctive knowledge and appreciation for butchering in the Gatski family.

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  1. aunt sue 13 years ago

    oh my heart…and i think i had a full day. WELL DONE, KATE AND BEN. both the doing and the sharing of the do’s….or is it better said, the done’s???? loved reading this!!!

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