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The Creative Life- Problems & Enthusiasm

The Creative Life- Problems & Enthusiasm
October 11, 2011 MePush Web Team

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We’ve been thinking a lot about enthusiasm lately. Some days we are spilling over with excitement; and other days… ummm not so much. It’s usually on the latter days that we rally ourselves with a pep talk. We can do it! Yes we can! We decided that enthusiasm is the answer. After all, it can be faked. It’s really just a ways to the means.

What’s the point of this?

Even up here in our bucolic setting – things don’t go smoothly. Maybe something catches on fire in the shop (happens more than you might think) or  maybe UPS drops one of our boxes off the top of a skyscraper (or something akin to that). Besides the unpredictable, random events of life, most of our problems are created by us. Every last one of em.  In those moments of feeling tired & not inspired- some part of our brains says, “we made it this way, get up and do it.”

I’m still pondering the idea of The Creative Class.  Is there a new breed of “creative” people? Do they have a unique sense of the world? How different would the world be if we realized how much our problems were created by ourselves? How about if we realized that just a dash of “enthusiasm” might be all we need.

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  1. sj 13 years ago

    you are amazing in the way you share wise insights!!! now i am feeling INSPIRED!!!

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