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Shipping Adventures

Shipping Adventures
October 16, 2016 Kate Gatski

Shipping is always an adventure around here.

I’m thinking some of the shipping services out there should sponsor a roller coaster. Maybe they could call it the Tracking Shocker or Shipmare. Recently, tracking one of our larger tables across the country to Las Vegas certainly felt like a wild — and scream-worth — ride. The tracking information showed the package went from Pennsylvania to Chicago, then back to Pennsylvania, then on to Colorado (progress!) — and then, of course, back to Pennsylvania for a last visit before finally making it to Nevada. What?! Who heads west and then comes back east twice before reaching the west, all in less than a week?

Please do keep in mind that this was the second table we had shipped to this lovely, dear, patient customer. The first one arrived to her damaged, so with good cause she refused it. We responded by shipping a second table out to her right away. We really wanted this second table to reach her without concern, so we followed the tracking more closely than usual. And it was quite a ride. But, it did make it to her… and it was fine! Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, the first table did make it back to us — with only a shred of the packing material remaining. For the record, the company did assist us — as best as a mammoth company whose employees all seem to all have varying bits of information can. We were hoping to recoup the cost to ship the original table that was damaged, but it remains to be seen if that will happen.

We will say that over the years, we’ve generally had pretty good shipping fortune, and we always take great care to make sure our customers are happy with what arrives — but I guess it was just our turn up for a little spin on the loop-di-loop. We’re glad this one had a happy ending.

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