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Your Places

Your Places
September 15, 2016 Kate Gatski

Not everyone loves email.  But we are avid emailers, and we love it when our customers send an email to let us know their Gatski piece arrived. Knowing it made the trip safely and that the customer is happy brings a huge sigh of relief. And, getting a photo of the Gatski in their home is icing on the cake. We spend so much time dreaming up, planning out, and bring our pieces to life that it feels really special to see them in their forever homes.

Last month, after having confessed that I imagine the places where Gatskis live, we got a really happy email. One of the customers whose space I described in the post sent us a batch of incredibly beautiful photos of their home and the area where they live.

And I have to admit, even for someone with a vivid imagination, it was far more striking than I could have ever imagined. It was a real treat to be able to see where they live. Here are three of the photos they shared…




But those photos got me thinking. We share a lot about where we live and work and we’ve talked about where our work lives, but I don’t know much (or anything, really) about where you are.

But I would like to! What a treasure to be able to see your favorite spots, the places or spaces where you live. Wouldn’t it be fun if you, our readers, snapped a photo of your space and shared it with the rest of us?

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we would love to see where you call home. Simply use the hashtag #gatskiplaces. I’ll get the ball rolling—you can see one of my favorite home spots here.

P.S. The first photo above is one we received this week, it’s a home office in Colorado. They are a loyal customer who added our Wishbone Table and the Red X Console to their beautiful space. Thank You!

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