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All in the Name

All in the Name
November 18, 2015 Kate Gatski
There’s Maury and Eric. Then there’s Monty and Rusty. And of course, there’s Moose Wellington and Moostafa. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll just say this: your talent for naming your Moose Heads (among other Gatski pieces) is commendable. (And it far exceeds what we could ever do — we did simply name him Moose Head, after all.)

Here’s a note from a client eagerly awaiting their new Moose Head:

We’re thinking of naming him Mizzou the Moose — my husband and I met at University of Missouri and Mizzou is the short name for the school. Other considerations: Morrison or Mr. Mojo (after Jim Morrison), Dino (Dean Martin), Chairman (Frank Sinatra) — just a few thoughts. We’ll know better once he’s arrived. 🙂

I love it. I love the contemplation, consideration, and creativity going into this naming process. We sincerely treasure these moments with you.

So if you have a name for your Gatski piece, please do share it in the comments here. We would love to collect them in one place.

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