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Gatski and Gepetto

Gatski and Gepetto
February 13, 2018 Kate Gatski

wonderful photo above by Hej Coffee, thank you! 

Ben’s mom once compared our lives to the story of Pinocchio. Not because we’re liars – haha! –  but because Ben is a bit like Gepetto, the woodcarver in the story who creates a wooden puppet and wants it to be real.

Ben might not be looking for quite the same results, but the animals he creates seem to come to life in their own way. I can just imagine them looking around our dirty, dusty shop for the first time and realizing there are far better places to live.

But our own story doesn’t quite follow the same path as Gepetto’s. If I remember correctly Pinocchio, came to life and got into trouble – but our dear Gatskis wouldn’t dare deceive. No, sir! After all, once they depart our shop, they often end up holding court in honorable places. No unruly creations would get such an honor, so they know they must behave accordingly.

For example, we recently learned that one of our Moose, “Erik,” was moved from his coffee shop home in London to a new coffee house in Somerset House (a beautiful London landmark). Erik is quite aware that the Queen may visit at any moment (as I personally like to imagine), and he must be ever dutiful so he’s prepared should she show up! (Ok, ok, so I may have watched too many episodes of The Crown. And I’ll openly admit I’m royalty-obsessed. I still find the location exciting!) But whether the Queen makes an appearance or not, I’m quite sure Erik is quite pleased to be out of the welding smoke on the hill and into such a grand setting.

And then the Maine Coon cat we mentioned last month is surely looking forward to inhabiting his Long Island home, eager to meet his new siblings (actual Maine Coons), and perhaps catch some sea breezes as well. We know this cat is going to settle in nicely, and feel certain he won’t think twice about the loud grinding noises and cement floor from whence he came.

And of course, the newly created cows jumping over rounds of cheese are absolutely moving on to greener pastures. Ben created them to be presented as gifts of gratitude to board members of a farming organization whose terms have ended. These board members are farmers and cheesemakers, so we feel confident these cows will enjoy their bucolic surroundings.  

While the Pinocchio story was a bit fraught with danger, we feel drawn to the imaginativeness of creating something and bringing it to life – and of course, there’s a happy ending. We’re glad to know the pieces we bring to life find their own happy endings in grander, more charming places than anything we could conceive of – and certainly more lovely than our little shop on top of the hill!

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