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If It’s Broke…

If It’s Broke…
January 22, 2019 Kate Gatski

Early adopters, modern pioneers, on the cutting edge…nope, nope, and nope. None of the above apply to us. Where’s the box for “occasionally, reluctantly updating”?

We tend to make do. In fact, in our world that old adage – you know, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” – sometimes becomes “even if it is broke, don’t fix it.”

We will make it work. Or…it will fix itself?

That second one might sound like wishful thinking. And sometimes that’s true. But not always.

My mother has a name for these things: “self-healers.” This term can apply to almost anything. Just give it a couple of days (or weeks, or even months!), and…voila! Fixed! Patience pays off.

Recently we had some self-healers in our home. The the TV, the handle on our wood stove, and the washing machine were all misbehaving. We made do.

All we had to do for a couple of weeks (or maybe it was a month? One loses track when making do) was press the TV button firmly and rapidly in quick succession to get it to turn on, use a little extra muscle power to open the stove door, and do one cycle of a load, unplug it, wait 24 hours, and finish the load. (Is that laughter I hear?)

And then, thankfully: the TV turned on with a simple press of the button, the stove handle loosened up, and the washing machine ran a whole load in one day.

Miraculous! Self-healers! Patience pays off! (Ok, truth be told, Ben thinks all the moisture we had last year was wreaking havoc, and it just took awhile for things to dry out. But we’ll just go with the self-healing, miracle theory. And our patience did pay off, after all.)

My point with all this jibber-jabber is that we’re looking into a few shop improvements for the new year, and it’s a big deal in our minds only. Because, you know, if it’s not broke (and even if it is)…and all that.

So it’s a big step that we’re looking into some new cutting tools and even some new ways to improve our finishing process. Very exciting! We’re gonna bust out of 1978, and not look back – that is, unless our current challenges fix themselves (wink, wink). I’ll keep you posted!

Have you had any self-healing experiences? We’d love to hear! We’re always looking for reinforcements to our theory.

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