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100 Artists Show “Nourish & Sustain”- The Honeybee

100 Artists Show “Nourish & Sustain”- The Honeybee
January 9, 2010 MePush Web Team

We are very happy to give you the first look at our Gatski Metal piece for the 100 Artists Show, “Nourish & Sustain” – presented by the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.

We were among the 100 artists to be sent a large empty food can to be used as a starting point for our piece of art. Artwork will be sold via a silent auction, proceeds will benefit the Marion- Polk Food Share. This Food Share provides emergency food needs of Marion and Polk counties (in Oregon).


I enjoy all the metaphors in this piece. We don’t need to get too deep, but I do think it’s inspiring to ponder the honey bee. They are integral to farms; they pollinate crops, allowing them to produce seeds and their fruits. If you want the nitty gritty details, the National Sustainable Agriculture Service is the place to look.

For now, long live the honey bee and thank you to Mary Lou Zeek for the invitation to participate in the 100 Artists Show.


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