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Treading Carefully

Treading Carefully
December 19, 2017 Kate Gatski

Lest you think it’s all hot cocoa by warm firesides up here on the hill, let me assure you that it’s actually more like tripping over tree stumps in the dark.

One recent (dark!) evening, Ben was walking from the shop to the house and a stump jumped out in front of him.

Thankfully he was fine, but he sure didn’t enjoy it! And really, I have no room to talk – I went tumbling over some tree limbs on a recent (dark!) morning jog in the fields.

Indeed, it’s risky business up here in December as we near the shortest day of the year. Instead of going out carousing this solstice week, we’ll be inching along – carefully – and keeping our fingers crossed until the days lengthen with light.

But while the morning and evening hours can be treacherous for our limbs, the daytime hours can be treacherous for our minds. The month of December is again responsible; it’s simply a very busy (for which we’re thankful) time of year, when our brains tend to get muddled with varied projects and deadlines. Of course, we do keep everything straight – it just takes a little list-making and note-taking, mostly on lined yellow tablets. But we realize that to the outside eye, what’s written on those tablets may appear just as crazy as what’s going on in our minds. For example, a page of Ben’s tablet says: plain steel head, no tractor trailer access, check on Murray postal, and hold off shipping 10 days at least.



Thankfully, Ben knows exactly what each of his notes are telling him to do. Still, to me – and I’m guessing to you as well – it reads a bit like stumbling in the dark.
But while December might be trying to trip us up, we’re preparing for balance in January (aren’t we all!?). Ben and I recently took some time to talk about our plans for the coming year, including some changes we’ll make. We look forward to sharing those next month. But one thing we know for sure? We will be archiving a batch of pieces soon! As we mentioned in last month’s email, our pattern boxes are overflowing. For that and other reasons (it occurs to me that we may need to have fewer items in the shop that we could trip over!), we’ll be placing certain Gatski pieces in the archived section of our website.
We’ll be back in January to share those archived pieces, as well as announce other changes in Gatskiland for 2018. In the meantime, keep your lights shining brightly (tread carefully) and have a wonderful holiday. And as always, thank you so much for all your support of our work this year!

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