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Friends in Boots- Forks Farm

Friends in Boots- Forks Farm
March 8, 2010 MePush Web Team

Today I’m thrilled to share the beauty and bounty of Forks Farm. Forks Farm [owned by the Hopkins family] is nestled in the hills of Northern Pennsylvania. Although the setting is calm and tranquil- the farm is nothing but bustle. Forks Farm produces pastured poultry, grass fed beef and lamb and woodlot pork. They host a bountiful market where local farmers come to sell their fresh meats, raw dairy, breads, produce and more! True delight.

It doesn’t stop there. Forks Farm is not only your one stop shop for flavor, it is the place to learn about sustainable agriculture.  The Hopkins of Forks Farm are innovators and leaders; In a subtle and generous way they help many people understand the importance of healthy farms and healthy foods. Bravo! I recommend becoming a fan of Forks Farm or a follow on twitter. Stay up to date on what’s happening on their farm- it’s well worth a day trip.

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