• Nov292009


    It is a wonderful time of year to remind ourselves of the glorious word…. Slow. It is so easy to forget, I know. We are particularly fond of the idea of “Slow Food.” This term was coined by the Slow Food organization… Here is how they describe themselves… Slow Food is an eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989

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  • Nov252009

    Gatski Metal’s Top 4 Thank Yous

    It has been a raucous year. The economic forecast vapors even drift up here. We’re very Thankful that Thanksgiving is here. Thank you for… 1. Doing an allstar job bringing Gatski Metal to their customers The Fanny Garver Gallery (Madison, WI), HumanArts (Ojai, CA), Ataz (Edina, MN), Home & Planet (Bethlehem, PA), Whyevernot (Mystic, Ct), Heron Gallery (Kent, CT) 2.

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  • Nov182009

    NonPareil Feature

    I do love a Nonpareil. For me, it’s just the right mix. Just like it’s namesake in the blog world… Nonpareil brings us just the right mix of handmade style. It is very inspiring and also very approachable. A very inviting combination. The Steel Fork is featured on Nonpareil.. click here to check it out.

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  • Nov152009

    The Pigs Are Out

    We raise Berkshire pigs, they are considered a Heritage breed. According to Local Harvest, Berkshires are, “a first class black pig with excellent lean meat.” Just yesterday we finished our paddock fencing in the woods. They will now enjoy rooting up stumps looking for grubs, acorns and other nuts. They were having a Sunday morning snooze in the straw when

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  • Nov042009

    Terroir What?

    As you may know Ben quit college and started an organic dairy business. After 5 years, he sold his cows and we started Gatski Metal. He kept one cow, Rene. He has milked her and her progeny ever since . The milk is good. It changes; a reflection of what the cows are eating. There seems to be

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  • Nov022009

    Handmade In PA

    I am a proud contributor to Handmade In PA. Its a nice little gem tucked away in the land of handmade blogs. I enjoy my weekly challenge of finding an artist or craftsperson using recycled, upcycled, found object, repurposed materials in their work. The creator/ editor of Handmade in PA Tara Gentile was a terrific consult to us as we

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  • Oct302009

    Local Harvest

    Living on the upper reaches of the family farm, with a .5 mile long driveway gives one a good sense of place. The hills and fields roll along in all directions; there are a few glimpses of a hunting cabin, power lines and cell towers. Its not as remote as it sounds, but it does give one a good strong

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  • Oct232009

    Celebrate! Yahoo!

    Let’s Celebrate our launch!! Join us by taking 10% off everything at the The Steel Fork. Simply enter “thesteelfork” in the discount code box.

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  • Oct212009

    Fall Harvest

    There is something about this time of year that feels like, “whew… we made it.”  The last flames are burning bright on the trees. The last hip, hip hooray! We’re still hip, hip hooray’ing, here at The Steel Fork. We’ll be settling in soon. We have an exciting “The Steel Fork” launch special to announce soon! Stay tuned! For

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  • Oct152009

    Welcome Friends!

    Welcome dear friends! It is with great pleasure that we bring you The Steel Fork. As Ben first put it, “it’s our passions made visible.” It is farming. It is food. It is design. It is the continuation of a journey. We established Gatski Metal in 2003. We design and create metal sculptures using recycled farm machinery. Ben started welding

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