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  • Jan142011

    New Year, New Baby, New Work

    Happy New Year my friends! We enjoyed a busy holiday season here on The Steel Fork- scurrying about to get  your orders to you on time. We may have “over-scurried.”  We all got a little sick post-holiday. Thankfully, we’re now well rested and ready for business. First off, our most exciting news… we’re expecting our third child in late May!

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  • Oct302010

    All New on The Steel Fork

    Happy Autumn Friends! I hope this note finds you well. The fall foliage has been gorgeous up here on the hill. Besides gazing at the vibrant leaves, we’ve been occupied with orders for moose heads and deer heads and…. new work. Wait no longer, here are some of our fun new designs. 1. Ford Tractor Hood Side Table 2. Hanging

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  • Sep192010

    Art & Agriculture- Deborah Nicholson

    I recently discovered the work of Deborah Nicholson. I love it! These are her words, ” I want to create works that encourage us to look at the creatures most of us don’t think about- the ones that give and become the products we use daily.” What a beautiful purpose.  Read her blog here. This is Cow Grazing This is

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  • Sep052010

    Memories of a Place- A Farm & A Family

    A beautiful essay by Ben’s sister, Allyson Jacobs currently residing in Providence, RI with her husband, Matt and her two children. Thank you Allyson. This summer while visiting the farm, I headed up the long field road to my brother’s house.  It is pretty hard going uphill and I found myself concentrating on my feet and the baby on my

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  • Sep022010

    Gatski Metal Featured on Keystone Edge

    It’s a good day. We’re featured on Keystone Edge! Thank you so much!

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  • Aug182010

    The Fair

    Do you have any fair traditions? What do you make a beeline for? We enjoy one or two small country fairs each year. They  feel timeless- it could be 1972, 1998 or by golly 2010. There is something peaceful about something that never seems to change. The down home goodness of these fairs is so endearing. I can’t get away

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  • Aug122010

    Supporting the American Folk Art Museum

    The American Folk Art Museum forged the beginning of us – as Gatski Metal. In their tiny gift shop they have sold an incredible (to us) amount of Gatski fish (among many other pieces). We gained the footing and confidence to continue our artistic pursuits through their support of our work. We are very grateful. I gathered today that the

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  • Jul272010

    All New Work- Family, Design & Tradition

    Introducing our new collection of work. We teamed up with our brother-in-law, Matt Jacobs, to create a new collection featuring recycled farm steel and reclaimed wood . Matt is a 2nd generation woodworker and currently an Architecture student at Rhode Island School of Design. Our new work is a natural extension

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  • Jul142010

    The Process of Handmade, Self-Taught Design

    Ben, our brother-in-law, Matt and I are in the process of working to bring you new sculptures for Gatski Metal, furniture and handmade gifts for The Steel Fork shop and our Etsy shop. We give ourselves about 2 weeks to do the following (for each and every new piece)… Brainstorm Design Discuss Attempt Design Discuss Revise Design Discuss

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  • Jul112010

    Tell Your Story & Tell it Again.

    Your fair warning:  I’ve got my shovel out and my astronaut suit on.  I’m exploring the depths and limits of handmade and terroir.  I will be writing a series of posts on knowing where something came from, and it’s story. This one is a little more oriented to my “maker” friends out there. Welcome to Storyland! Keep your superhero costume

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