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  • Jun292010

    Give It Up for The Craft Show

    Have you ever been blown away by something you thought you knew so well?  Well, I was left in the dust by… the craft show. I was raised by a full time craftswoman. My mother sold her Rag Rugs exclusively at craft shows- no wholesale, no consignment, no home sales and no online sales. A handful of Craft shows each

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  • Jun212010

    Art & Agriculture- Victory Garden of Tomorrow & Claudia Pearson

    Life’s little pauses are beautiful.  Sometimes, they catch us by surprise. One caught me by surprise for the month of May. Despite a small burst of renewed vigor– my little corner of the blog world remained quiet. Alas, I have returned. I have a fresh vision and so much to share. First off, I’ve been wanting to share with you

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  • May192010

    Crop Time & Going With the Flow

    It’s May.  There is a fervor around the countryside- fields are plowed, harrowed, seeded; rounds are made checking on hay crops. It’s the time of year to, “Go- full throttle.” The longest day of the year is nearing. You’re thinking if I’m going to do it, I’d better do it now. The other side of this energy that spins thru

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  • Apr272010

    The Making of a Tractor Hood Table

    Hi Friends! What’s making you happy today? I’m happy that our little world is green and luscious! It’s the simple things I’m enjoying now-  after having stretched my brain to accomplish one of my goals. I had a little goal to write a story for Etsy’s blog, The Storque. It happened. What a fun endeavor. The original story was written

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  • Apr262010

    The Artful Garden Sale- Come See Us!

    Come visit us at the Artful Garden Sale at the Main Line Art Center in Haverford, PA this Sunday May 2nd from 10:30 to 5:30. We’re bringing our finest metal sculptures, a few tables and some of Kate’s lovely handmade sewn goods. We would so love to see you there!

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  • Apr192010

    Earth Day & “Our Place”

    The beautiful thing about Earth Day is, there is something for everyone. Even if it’s the small things like, “Gee, I recycle.” Or, something more momentous like “I just bought a hybrid.”  Sure, there’s plenty of work to do It’s a holiday- let’s feel good. My contemplations of Earth Day and all things “green”

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  • Apr192010

    On Pigs, Instinct & Flavor of Life

    Hold on to your seats, I’ve got some pig ponderings. As the warmth of spring reaches deep into the ground and air; grasses grow and insects emerge. There is food everywhere; for a pig, that is.  A little time spent watching a pig gives one a feel for their instincts. Pigs have snouts and

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  • Apr072010

    We Scout- Feasting Never Stops

    I love the atmosphere over at Scoutie Girl. It is fun & inspiring. Today is “We Scout Wednesdays”. I thought I would participate. We’re sharing a favorite blog or artist. I choose “Feasting Never Stops.” It’s a blog- but I would call it a work of art.  It provokes a lot of thought in a simple and elegant way. This

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  • Apr052010

    Farm Fresh Design

    For some time now, I’ve hoped that farming would renew itself. That we would slide away from the tired old images of the farmer and what “he” does.  It’s happening. A new farmer is at the door. They understand how to work with the soil, how to make food with incredible flavor, and how to reach their customers. You can

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  • Apr022010

    Megive- Recycling Technology & Donating It.

    Recycling is a big part of who we are. It does sound a little old school- but it’s not in practice. There is never a dull moment in the “junk” business. We’re thrilled to be joined in the business by one of our most loyal fans, Conor Quinlan of Mepush Technology Solutions. He and his wife Missy Quinlan are tackling

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