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Tree Bottle Topper


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    Tree Bottle Topper


    Tree Bottle Topper

    These fun bottle toppers add a little something special to your favorite wine or other special drink bottle (please note, they do not fit on a gallon size). They fit over top of the bottle opening- it is purely decorative.

    This Modern Tree Bottle Topper is handmade in rural Pennsylvania with reclaimed metal. The pattern is drawn on the metal with soapstone, cut with a hand-held plasma cutter, hand-shaped and arc welded together.

    Each piece will have its own subtle differences; they are cut, hammered, and built by hand.  A clear finish is applied to the entire piece.

    Each Gatski is a blend of imperfect materials and capable hands.

    Size: 10"h x 3.5"w x 3.5"d

    Care:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.