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A Nutty Season

A Nutty Season
November 12, 2017 Kate Gatski

“It’s a nut year!” my mother has declared. And I would have to agree.

It seems like everywhere we go, the ground is crunching beneath our feet. We step on acorns and teeter around on the walnuts that have fallen by the hundreds at our children’s bus stop. While this “nut year” might not seem notable (after all, it’s always a little nutty around here), it did become perilous for Ben a few weeks ago.

He was taking our son to a soccer practice in the truck, and he drove right into a falling walnut (what are the odds?!). It smacked down – crack! – right into the windshield. And I do mean crack literally: the impact left a break all the way from the top to the bottom in the glass. That must have been a golden walnut – it sure was a pricey one!

But while we can certainly blame the season for bringing some unplanned nuttiness to our days, we also seem to bring it on ourselves. I was just thinking about our own nutty habits – things we seem to insist upon, even though they may not seem logical to anyone else.

For example, I spend a lot of time each day filling quart jars with water. Why? I am certifiably nutty about having drinking water within arms reach, at all times (perhaps I lived in a desert in a past life?).

And while I’m filling mason jars, Ben is taking breakfast orders. One of his life’s guiding principles? Eat a hot breakfast. He cooks the early morning meal for each family member, customized for individual preferences, every single day. There’s no cold cereal on his watch!

So while we could certainly label this a nut year (watch out for falling walnuts!), I have to say there’s never any shortage of nuttiness around here. We happily bring it upon ourselves!

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  1. sj 7 years ago

    I loved this read!!! OUCH on the windshield . . .who would have thought!!!!!??

  2. Author
    Kate Gatski 7 years ago

    I know! It was quite a surprise! 🙂

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