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Artist Discovery

Artist Discovery
January 23, 2018 Kate Gatski

Art by Pamela Zagarenski

It can get a little stuffy in January. Partly because we dare not open the window (if we do, we risk turning into a yeti), but partly because there’s a lot of thought about what I’m going to do and what I’m changing. While I do believe some me, me, me can be quite positive, it also can get a bit stifling. So in the interest of freshening things up a bit, I thought it a fitting time to share a few artists whose works we love – in the hopes we could all discover some new creators.

Over the years, we’ve become acquainted with some very talented artists, as you have likely as well. I thought I could introduce a few here, and invite you to do the same. We hope you will share your names of your favorite artists and/or links in the comments below.


One day several years ago, I happened upon the video above (made by Etsy) about artist Jason Tennant. I watched in awe as he talked about his work, and was immediately captured by his sculptures. I believe them to be incredibly powerful and awe-inspiring.  We have corresponded with Jason a few times over the years, and have loved following his work. I look forward to owning one of his pieces someday. You can view his Etsy shop here

In a completely different medium is the dear Pamela Zagarenski. We were privileged to know her first as a buyer of our work, for a gallery now closed in Connecticut. We always looked forward to seeing her at the American Craft show we did in Philadelphia each year. While we miss seeing her in person, we love following along in her incredible artistic journey. She is an illustrator, and shares her work in many beautiful ways. She offers many cards, stickers, and prints here in her Etsy shop, and you can find her books and all other details on her website here.

And last but not least are the vibrant ceramic works by Ed and Kate Coleman. We met them years ago also at the Philadelphia show. Their pieces are fun, colorful, and full of life. I savor my morning cup of tea in a Coleman mug, and it’s a pure delight. You can view their bright, uplifting work here in their Etsy shop.

There are so many incredibly talented artists out there, it’s one of life’s pleasures to discover them one by one. We hope you will take a moment and share some of your favorites here, so we might meet them too! Thank you!

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