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Summer Work + Play 2021

Summer Work + Play 2021
August 31, 2021 Kate Gatski

Hi friends! Hope you have been having a joyous summer! We’ve been so fortunate to have many, many orders keeping us very busy! Ben has been steady in the shop, making tables. You can see some photos of the tables he’s been making below (these are the photos we share with our customers prior to shipping).

This summer the kids have been helping in the shop (the younger two painting and the older one welding). It has been a real family affair! But, it hasn’t all been work, work, work…

We’ve had plenty of playtime this summer (ok, so maybe a little less for Ben :). We were fortunate to find ourselves at the beach with Nana, in Rhode Island with cousins and admiring waterfalls in Ithaca. And, of course lots of moments enjoying our home on top of the hill along with our dog pal, Oslo. Ahh, summertime! I hope that you have had your fill of sunshine moments.

The kids have returned to school now. I am looking forward to refocusing on our creative pursuits, and sharing more with you! I’ll be in touch! Love to you all!

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