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Finding Peace, A New Collection

Finding Peace, A New Collection
October 16, 2020 Kate Gatski

We’re thrilled to share our new collection of work with you! Ben and I were inspired by a desire to find inner peace and calm. Each design represents the calm we seek each day. It’s not always easy! 🙂  But, alas there is peace in our beautiful world! Enjoy!

Peacekeeper Cabinet

Peace Dove

Lotus Flower

Dove Ornament

Peace Ornament

Diana’s Runner, Female

Diana’s Runner, Male

Tuck and Roll Console

2020 Snowflake of the Year

Inward Side Table

Comments (2)

  1. Deb Alpaugh 3 years ago

    Beautiful work done by the Gatski’s. They put a lot of love into their work and it shows! Can’t wait to see what new items are coming.

  2. Author
    Kate 3 years ago

    Thank you so much! Your kind words means a lot to us!

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