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Kate Gatski

Hi! I’m Kate Gatski, one half of Gatski Metal.

Over the years, we’ve built a creative business through trial and error. We’ve learned that we have to balance the making we love with selling and putting ourselves out there. The balance isn’t always easy. But the freedom we find in making our own path is exhilarating.

In this space, I want to share my thoughts and reflections on building our creative enterprise. But I also want to answer your questions and help you pioneer your own creative venture. If you have a question, you can ask it here.

And if you would like more personal help, I am happy to offer a one-on-one consultation. When you sign up, you’ll send me your shop link(s). I will spend two hours reviewing your shop and making recommendations, and send you a detailed written assessment. You can purchase a two-hour review for $100 here. Once you purchase, I will confirm your consultation and let you know when you can expect my reply.

If you have any questions, please do reach out here. I love hearing from you!

  • Feb282012

    Recap from The Buyers Market of American Craft Show

    Last week we returned from the Buyers Market of American Craft Show in Philadelphia. It’s the only show we do each year. For about 9 years we have relied on this show to connect us to buyers from arts and crafts galleries across the country. This year was no exception. We showed both old favorites and new work and booked

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  • Feb222012

    Tips from the Creative Life- Guts & Guffaw

    As we mentioned in our latest e-newsletter (sign up here) we’re bringing you tips and ideas from our creative life! This is a little experiment- thanks for being here! 1. Know it’s Possible. This is the beginning of all creative pursuits; the blind faith that your project will work out.  It came naturally in our younger years (youth =blind faith).

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  • Jan222012

    The Creative Agrarian – Cultivating Your Grit

    We were given a creative inheritance. It wasn’t fancy and many times, not too pretty. Nonetheless, here we are. We’re steering a tidy little business making sculpture & furniture with old farm machinery, dreaming of making cheese and writing something you’ll find either useful or entertaining. It feels like an accomplishment- to be here – and to have somewhere to

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  • Jan022012

    Happy New Year! 2011 Highlights + One Goal

    Happy New Year to You! Here are some highlights from 2011 – some more momentous than others (#1 trumps all others for sure). the birth of our new baby daughter Evelyn in May.  She joins our other two little delights (oldest started Kindergarten and second started preschool this year) creating a new  Gatski Metal website taping our first ever video

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