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The Creative Agrarian – Cultivating Your Grit

The Creative Agrarian – Cultivating Your Grit
January 22, 2012 MePush Web Team

We were given a creative inheritance. It wasn’t fancy and many times, not too pretty. Nonetheless, here we are. We’re steering a tidy little business making sculpture & furniture with old farm machinery, dreaming of making cheese and writing something you’ll find either useful or entertaining. It feels like an accomplishment- to be here – and to have somewhere to go.  Our inheritance is really the guts to do something strange – like figure out how to blend creativity and dirt – art and agriculture.

We thrive on this opportunity. We are driven to creating something beautiful from nothing. Our home started this way- a bare, rocky hilltop of logged over ground. Our business started this way- from a pile of junk laying in the weeds.  Our passion for farming came from this-  transforming an empty patch of dirt into an exquisite meal.

The idea of creating something from nothing is not new. It might even sound a little tedious. You’re right – it can be. Frankly, it can be maddening. To know that just a shred of the money, people, tools and opportunities that exist could launch you so much further in your efforts. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to remind you that isn’t the point.  It’s about cultivating your grit.

photo courtesy of amishalso 051

Comments (2)

  1. sj 12 years ago

    what a grand read to start myweek!!!

  2. Laura W. 12 years ago

    Kate, this is wonderful and powerful and insightful and inspiring!
    Thanks so much for your email response this morning.
    Laura (and Your Maury Moose 😉

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