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Beet Wall Tile

Beet Wall Tile


Thanks to your encouragement, we created this lovely beet tile. You said, “more vegetables!” And, this beet is just a start – we will be creating more vegetable tiles to complement this one (so check back in!).

This tile is handmade with reclaimed metal.  The color is hand painted with milk paint. We hand draw the pattern on the metal with soapstone and cut it with a hand held plasma cutter. We then hammer and arc weld the entire piece into shape.

The metal is sealed with a water-based enamel. This wall tile can be hung inside or out. Each one will have subtle variations. We cut them by hand and each one has slight color differences.

This beet tile can be hung with a nail or screw.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If outdoors, you can maintain a shiny metal look [entirely optional] by applying a clear metal enamel, available in a spray can at your local hardware store.

Size:  12”h x 10”w x 2.5”d

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