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Clover the Cow

Clover the Cow


Clover is a strong and inquisitive friend. A steady presence that inspires curiosity. This cow can be enjoyed in garden spaces, standing aside outbuildings and giving life to outdoor living areas.

Our cow sculpture is a nod to the small herd of cows that dot our pasture. It is an artistic representation —  using hard angles, soft curves, and positive space to create strength and whimsy.

Our work begins as pencil drawings in a sketchbook, we move to a cardboard pattern only after many sketches. The cardboard is then hand-drawn on the metal with soapstone, and cut with a hand-held plasma cutter. It is then hand hammered and arc welded into shape, giving it structural integrity.

We are more than happy to deliver and install Clover for those within driving distance of us. We also are happy to arrange for freight shipment and consult on installation. If you are interested in Clover, please do let us know. We are more than happy to talk thru the logistics of delivery and installation.

Weight: Approximately 75lbs

Size:  64″h x 68″w x 34″d



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